Resita Reductoare & Regenerabile SA is a joint stock company, privately owned, founded in 1973 in Resita, Romania.

Resita Reductoare & Regenerabile SA is specialized in the manufacturing of speed reduction & multiplying gear units for different kind of industrial applications. The R&D and manufacturing program of RRR includes high power gear units for installations used mainly for the steel, mining, petrochemical, cement and energy industries, as well as for ship propulsion systems. The company's specialists have conceived, designed and commissioned more than 10.000 gear units, in over 45 years of experience.

The company's production capacities include helical and bevel-helical gear units in various stages and configurations, with transmission ratios between 1 and 160 and powers ranging from 5 kW to 20,000 kW, as well as turbo and planetary gear units with high technical demands for high speed installations. Manufacturing is done according to international standards.

Aside from its own products, RRR also produces gear units according to customer design, designs new gear units suited to the customer's needs, repairs and refurbishes used gear units, executes welded assemblies. Furthermore, RRR produces parts according to customer documentation, spare parts for all delivered products, and also insures technical assistance at mounting and commissioning.

RRR was authorised as a Railway Supplier by the Romanian Railway Authority, certifying that the company has the capabilities to manufacture and supply certain critical railway products according to specific technical requirements in the railway transport industry, namely helical and bevel gears. Also, the gear units designed for ship propulsion are manufactured according to the standards of the field, with LRS, GL, BV, ANR a.s.o. reception.

During its activity, RRR has delivered products both in Romania and abroad (The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Lebanon, Iraq, India, China a.s.o).


Technical & Commercial Manager:        

Aurel BARA


Financial Manager:

Sorina POP





Purchasing and Logistics:

Petronela RADUCANU





Adriana PAICA


Quality Management:



Design & Technology:



Manufacturing Planning:






The RRR Design Department has experienced engineers, the latest hardware and software tools (such as CATIA) and a comprehensive library of gearbox documentation, used to design several types of gearboxes for different kinds of applications, according to the customer's requirements.

This is a part of the machinery we use:

- FROMAG 1250 - Key Seating Machine
- SNA 501 x 1500 - Centre Lathe
- DLZ 603 x 2000 - Centre Lathe
- SNA 603 x 2000 - Centre Lathe
- BOHRRINGER 800x1000x3000 - Centre Lathe
- WOHLENBERG DV 1010x4000 - Centre Lathe
- DPS 1600x3000 - Flat Bed Lathe
- FMUAB SC2500 - Carousel Lathe
- GR512 - Radial Drilling Machine
- GR820 - Radial Drilling Machine
- CSEPEL RFH 100 - Radial Drilling Machine
- SCHARMANN 125 - Horizontal Boring Mill
- SCHARMANN 132 - Horizontal Boring Mill
- COLLET BF 150 - Horizontal Boring Mill
- SCHIESS OBFW 181 - Horizontal Boring Mill
- LINE 225 phi 200 - Boring-Milling Portal
- MIKROMAT 900 x 1400 - Jig Boring Machine
- GC 1000 - Jig Boring Machine
- CUGIR 36/160 - Universal Milling Machine
- CUGIR 36/160 SDV - Universal Milling Machine
- 500 sn 208 - Internal Grinding Machine
- RU 450/2000 - Universal Grinding Machine
- SWR 150 T - Grinding Machine
- KLINGELNBERG LKR 850 - Lapping Machine
- HOFLER 801 - Gear Grinding Machine
- HOFLER 1250 CNC - Grinding Machine
- HOFLER 1500 - Grinding Machine
- PEHAKA 600 - Band Saw
- KNUT HB 550 - Band Saw
- LIEBHERR L 401 - Gear Hobbing Machine
- LIEBHERR L 901 - Gear Hobbing Machine
- LIEBHERR L 1802 - Gear Hobbing Machine
- LIEBHERR L 2000 - Gear Hobbing Machine
- SCHIESS RF 40 S - Vertical Gear Hobbing Machine
- LORENZ 630 - Gear Shaping Machine
- KLINGELNBERG AMK 850 - Bevel Gear Generator Spiral
- KLINGELNBERG PNC 150 - Gear Tester

Here are some apparatus used to test our products:

  • apparatus for the gearing geometry measurement: KLINGELNBERG PNC 150 (made in 1995, it was the 5th unit sold by Klingelnberg in all the world), micrometers with plates for gear wheels CARL-MAHR;
  • apparatus for the hardness measurement: ZWICK 3212-63099, BRINEL-DIALTESTOR 3b-S-E 3175, ROCKWELL-DIALTESTOR ZRC-8470, portable MIKRODUR KRAUTKRÄMER MIC 1 (for HV and HRC hardness), portable POLDI-HAHN&KOLB;
  • apparatus for the metallography measurement: microscope AXIOTECH 25HZ 960322, video camera SONY SPC-2000P No.161332, color monitor SONY PVM-1450 QM, color printer SONY UP-1200 AEPM No.11769;
  • apparatus for the undestructive control: US-USIP 11 KRAUTKRÄMER, KARL DEUTSCH-Deutroflux UV-HELLING lamp, Residualmeter EMU 10, apparatus for measurement of visible light intensity and UV.

Devices for different kinds of measurement like:

  • roughness: NAMICON POCKET SURF III with printer;
  • depths for paint: NAMICON DUO CHECK ST20 with printer;
  • vibrations: BRUEL & KJAER VIBROTEST 60;
  • temperature/pressure: portable.


Only a consistent quality assurance policy can guarantee the high standards and reliability of RRR products. All raw materials and externally sources of supply are scrupulously inspected on a routine basis. Every tool is checked each time and again as it passes through the production cycle, the function interaction of individual subassemblies is tested as early as at the assembly stage using measuring and test equipment wich are themseves subject to continuous inspection. Every RRR gear unit undergoes a full test rig trial before being shipped to the customer.

Controls Made To Our Products:

  • general measurements/checkings: dimensional geometrical form and position, roughness, crossing axis, distance between axis and holes for the casings;
  • measurements/checkings for the inner/outer gearings: thickness of tooth, dimension over teeth, tooth's profile, flank line, both flanks division, roughness of tooth's surface;
  • measurements/checkings for the keynuts: width, symmetry, depth;
  • measurements/checkings for the hole/holes'thread: positions deviations (division), diameter, thread;
  • measurements/checkings for bore/bevel journal: effective dimensions, contact spot;
  • measurements/checkings for materials: US control, fissure control with magnetic powder/penetration liquids, hardness on tooth head, hardness on tooth flank for mn>4, case/nitriding depth, microstructure;
  • measurements/checkings for materials: US control, fissure control with magnetic powder/penetration liquids, hardness on tooth head, hardness on tooth flank for mn>4, case/nitriding depth, microstructure;
  • measurements/checkings for vibrations: frequency, continuity, amplitude and spectral conformation;
  • different kinds of measurements/checkings: paint layer thickness, paint adhesion, pressure manometers measurements P=0-40 bar.

The quality control of RRR is working according to the international standards.

The quality management of RRRwas certified in compliance with ISO 9001 by BVQI in 1996, by GLC in 1999, 2003 and 2006, and starting with 2008 the quality system is certified by LRQA.

RRR does not give only a declaration of quality and guaranty for its products, but issue all the corresponding test documents and can prove them with the measurement apparatus wich are in the endowing of the Quality Assurance Deparment.



Complementary to the manufacture of complete industrial gearboxes and spare parts, RRR has the technical capabilities necessary to provide a wide range of distinct services.